With Blue Mind, the world is splitted into domains. For example and are internet domains. A single Blue Mind installation can support multiple internet domains.


At installation time, Blue Mind only has one domain: global.virt and a single user in this domain: admin0. This domain is "virtual" in the sense that it is not an email & calendars domain and is not supposed to hold users. The sole purpose of the admin0 user and its domain is to create and manage the real domains for which Blue Mind will provide mail, contacts and calendars.

The default password for admin0@global.virt is admin.

When a service or setting is shared between domains, only admin0@global.virt can alter this setting. For exemple, the admin0 user is the only one that can change:

User logins

Thanks to the domain split, Blue Mind users are identified and logged-in using login@domain, eg. for a user with the login johnb in the domain.

Managing domains with the client APIs

Domains are fully manageable with Blue Mind client APIs. The are managed with a SystemClient object. Most methods on this object require an admin0@global.virt login.