Logging into Blue Mind

We will explain how to connect to Blue Mind with a user's login and password.

Connection steps

The steps to connect will be:

Code sample

You can add this method to the FirstConnectionTest we created earlier

	public void testCalendarConnect() {
		// the blue mind core url
		String bmCoreUrl = "https://bjday.willow.vmw/services";

		// create the client with a locator objet
		CalendarClient client = new CalendarLocator().locate(bmCoreUrl);

		// login
		String l = "admin@willow.vmw";
		String p = "admin";
		String orig = "connect test";
		AccessToken at = client.login(l, p, orig);

		// print my session id
		System.out.println("My session id is " + at.getSessionId());

		// logout

When running as shown in the setup tutorial, you should see the following outputs in eclipse:

cal connect