Portal integration

This section explains how to integrate an enterprise portal with Blue Mind.

General guidelines

When interacting with Blue Mind from a portal, your workflow should look this:

Authentication with API key

The first step for integrating a portal with Blue Mind is setting-up authentication using an API key.

API key: definition

An API key is an alternate password for a Blue Mind user. This key will remain valid even when the user's main password is changed. This is also usable when Blue Mind does not have any knowledge of the user's password (think LDAP authentication).

API keys can be created for a single user account, or the super-admin admin0@global.virt account. Keys created for admin0 allow the sudo API call to create a session as any user in any domain. If you need a setup capable of fetching data from any user account in your enterprise portal, an admin0@global.virt key is what you are looking for.

Generating a key

API key generation is included in the "settings" application, reachable from the wrench icon at the top right of Blue Mind interface.

From there, select the "API keys" section, provide a display name and generate your user's key.

API key generation from settings

The display name sole purpose is to remember the usage you intended for the key.